In this post I am quickly going to introduce THE WAY WE CREATE and myself.
I am a filmmaker and photographer based in Austria but work on projects worldwide. My last two projects for example were with a social impact brand in New York and a short environmental documentary in Australia.
My work is focused mainly on outdoors, environmental, social and travel topics. I love to film in nature, in the ocean, on mountains and in the snow and ice. Those are my happy places, and I love to hear the stories of others who love these places too, or the stories of the places itself and show those through films or photographs.
THE WAY WE CREATE consists out of a podcast and a blog.
In the podcast I am going to share the behind the scenes of my projects as well as tips for filmmaking and photography.
Every couple of episodes I am going to invite other creatives to share their stories and tips. For example bloggers, illustrators, animators, musicians, designers and others. The same topics are getting discussed in the blog, just more visual, the information is accompanied by photographs.
A new episode of the podcast and a new blog post will be launched every Thursday at 2pm Central Europe time.
Every now and then I am going to ask on my Instagram @sabinemprobst what you would like me to talk about in the future, or with whom you would like me to talk. I am as well happy to receive suggestions, feedback and comments any time on one of my social media accounts.
I hope you enjoy THE WAY WE CREATE.

Never stop creating!
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