The ocean inside us
"The ocean inside us" is a project to raise awareness of the oceans beauty and why we have to take care of it. Many people don't know or ignore the fact that the oceans health is in danger.  

Directors statement:
It is important for me to use my work to inspire and activate people. With "THE OCEAN INSIDE US" 
I want to show how beautiful and important the ocean is and why we need to save it. 

The ocean is a living, breathing part of our planet, beauty hidden underneath the surface. Thousands of species and colors, but the beauty is dying, global warming, plastic pollution, sewage, overfishing, just to name a view of the reasons. If we don't make a change this amazing world will die.
Human behavior led to the oceans problems and human behavior can also help to reverse it. "The ocean inside us" shows the connection from humans to the ocean,  how beautiful the underwater world is but also how quickly it is dying if we don't make a change in our behavior.

SERVICE:concept/ storyboard/ part cinematography/ production/ edit
Sabine M. Probst-  film poster of the ocean inside us
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