Soon to be marine scientist and diving instructor Zoe White tells her story about the ocean. Since she had been a little kid, she always felt connected to nature and the deep blue. Growing older she not only spent most of her time in the water but also is researching ways to conserve the ocean.
Director Statement: 
My goal with this film was to show the connection from a human being to nature, especially the ocean. One that loves to spend time in and around the underwater world, and tries to find ways to conserve it. Zoe White, an ocean lover, diving instructor and soon to be marine scientist was a perfect protagonist for this film. Many people forget that the ocean is a living organism and that things we do in our daily lives can affect it. ​​​​​​​
A film by Sabine M. Probst.

SERVICE: concept/ storyboard/ cinematography/ postproduction/ photography
YEAR: 2020
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